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Get ready for the warmest winter of your life

You go skiing, you like motorcycle rides, outdoor sports or simply you have a job where you are in contact with the cold, our --- heated socks will bring you well-being and warmth throughout the day

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Comfortable and warm

--- socks have a winter look and the synthetic fiber blend offers the ultimate in heating benefits. They are chubby on top so they won't slip off the outside of your shoes and let the cold air in.

Medical properties

--- has been working on its socks for a long time and today they are perfect for stimulating blood circulation and fighting against arthritis and stiff joints

Your outdoor activities in winter

Whether you're venturing into snowy mountains or huddling in a cold cabin, icy toes can put a damper on any day. Our heated socks will provide a warm barrier between your feet and any cold surface and make outdoor activities in frigid weather a breeze.

Stay warm at home

You can wear them at home, or you can wear them with your shoes to keep the cold winter air off your feet. Thanks to its construction, you might even forget you're wearing overweight winter weather protection.


Can be charged by computer, power adapter, cell phone, mobile power supply.


Made of 80% polyester and cotton, absorbent, soft, breathable, elastic and thick.


The socks can be washed by hand or machine. Before washing, please remove the battery.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do heated socks work?

---  heated socks work by means of a heating panel hidden in the soles, heels or toes, which is connected by wires to a battery that acts as a miniature thermostat. The wires are separated by a waterproof membrane that keeps them in place when the socks are wet. 

How long do heated socks last?

All good things must come to an end, but if you buy heat socks made from a sturdy fabric and take care of them by following the washing instructions to the letter, the heat socks will last at least 5 years, and as long as your favourite snow boots.

How do I wash heated socks?

Since smelly and fungus-infected feet are just as unpleasant as cold feet, it is important to know how to wash heated socks. After removing the battery, a thorough cleaning of the hands followed by air drying in a well-ventilated area will do the trick. Never wring them out (this can damage the wiring).

A final word on buying the best heated socks

The best heated socks will cost you a little more than the cheap socks you wear in the summer, but the warmth they provide, the improved circulation and the relief from arthritis and joint pain are worth it. If you buy a pair with ultra-fine yarns and a thin battery compartment that sits on top of your boots, the only difference you'll notice over regular socks is the extra comfort and warmth that will make them much more comfortable when enjoying the great outdoors in winter.

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